Difference between Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning

Traditional Salesforce Experience consist of Salesforce Classic which was being used from years. But as time changes technology changes. With the latest technologies Salesforce comes up with Salesforce Lightning which is a advanced version of Salesforce Experience. What really the difference is? So in this blog i would share my views on difference between Classic an Lightning.

Salesforce Class is a Page Centric Web Application Model. What is Page Centric Web Application ? Page Centric application relies on server to create HTML design that is visible to User. As our browser only understands HTML, so to develop the HTML our browser sends a request to the Server and server creates the HTML Design as per the request and send that HTML code back to the browser. Browser renders the HTML code to showcase the content. This is how Salesforce Class works. So in Salesforce Classic development we use Visualforce pages to develop front end of Salesforce. In Visualforce we use Apex’s custom tags to write our logics. When we execute our Visualforce page, it firstly sends the visualforce page code to server and server converts the Apex tags with HTML tags and return back to the Visualforce to render on UI. It is easy to implement but the drawback is that everytime, even for a single command our client hits the server to get the new UI. To overcome this, salesforce Launched Salesforce Lightning.

And if we talk about Salesforce Lightning, it is a App Centric Model. In Salesforce Lightning, client retrieves the HTML page only once. After that JavaScript code on client side handles all UI rendering and UI Creation. At first our client side retrieves  a blank visualforce page from Server. After getting that blank page, client executes all the Java Scripts and this JavaScript methods renders the UI. If user clicks on any button or do any action then instead of getting the new HTML page from Server, JavaScript recreates the UI on client side itself. This Model is much faster than Legend Salesforce Classic. Also in JavaScript method, we can use Apex Controller methods to execute SOQL Queries or any other actions.

If we talk about Clients who are using Salesforce Classic and now planning to migrate to Salesforce Lightning then there is a great news that you can now manage your CRM more easily. Salesforce Lightning has come up with many new and advanced features that you will love to use. But before migrating, you need to check that is Salesforce Lightning completely compatible with your current requirements and uses. As Lightning Experience was launched few times back and till now it doesn’t support all the things. Salesforce is working to give support to all the features that are available in Salesforce Classic, but that will take some time. If you think all the current features of salesforce Lightning are enough for your Uses, then its a good time to move to Lightning. Salesforce Lightning comes up with revamped Home page, easy navigations, easy searching of records, new designs.

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