How to create Web to Lead HTML in Salesforce

What is Web to Lead : Web to Lead is a feature given by Salesforce to setup a page on your website to capture new leads easily in your Salesforce Instance.

How Web to Lead is useful : Companies generally use Salesforce to capture, manage & analyse their business data. Lead is a very important data for any organisation which they can’t ignore. There are plenty of ways to capture Leads from website but if you are using Salesforce then its good to use Web to Lead given by Salesforce so that you can get alert on Lead creation as well as you can perform plenty on actions on that Lead.

How to Use : To Create Web to Lead form you need to go to Salesforce admin. Then go to Setup -> Web-to-Lead Setup -> Generate HTML. Then you can use this HTML code in your website.

Steps to Generate Web to Lead HTML : 

  1. Login to Salesforce Admin and go to Setup from Top Right Corner.
  2. In Quick Find search for Web-to-Lead. Under Lead, you will get Web-to-Lead, click on that. 
  3. In Web-to-Lead page, customize your Web-to-Lead HTML page. In that you will get options to select Fields which you want user to enter in the form, return URL where you want user to be redirected after filling the form, reCAPTCHA API Key if you want extra security from Spam.
  4. Once done click on Generate.
  5. Then it generates a HTML code for your organisation that you can paste it in your website.
  6. If you look carefully in this HTML file you will find hidden input field with name ‘oid‘ which is actually your organisation id where the lead is being created, ‘retURL’ which is the return url where user will be redirected after filling the web-to-lead form. And rest other fields are the input fields where user will add details.
  7. Run this HTML code on your website and start generating Leads

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