Do you have to learn coding to start my own tech company?

Yes or No. Depending upon the type of Tech Company you are planning to start. It all depends upon what type of Tech company you are planning to start.

If you are planning to start Development company (that provides Website Development, Mobile App Development etc) which deals with coding on daily basis. In these type of companies, if you have prior coding experience then it will be beneficial for your company. As at every stage of your company you do know what is going on, how much timeline it will take to complete a particular task, how the work is going on, is that piece of functionality possible or not. Your employees also can’t cheat you in a way that this work will take 1 week because they are lazy. You know coding so you do know the real time to complete that work. And also if your team got struck at some point and need someone to help them, then you can be a part of the the team. So overall it is good to be a coding guy (basics of coding is sufficient) so that you can be a lead, owner and a developer in your company.

If we talk about a tech company that is not dealing with IT Services as we have discussed earlier then you can ignore the coding skills. As maybe in your Tech company you just need your company’s official website that need to updated 3 or 4 times in a year. Or else you may need a mobile app in near future which you can outsource. But again if you are planning to have a team for all these IT Service then you can also hire a senior guy to handle all these because IT services is not your major one, this is just for your own development which is not on daily routine. So in this case if you don’t have coding skills then also it will be fine.

So all it depends upon the verticals of your company and how much you want to be involved in development side.

I hope this will help you.

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